Not vintage, but retro! Mrs. Tea Cake with her sweet clip lock reminds us of Grandma’s favourite bag back in her days of youth. With her nostalgic look she enchants later generations as well.

Barber Shop News

A globetrotter, a purist and an edgy guy with the sixth sense. The news in our Barber Shop are as unique as multifaceted and perfectly on time for maybe finding a spontaneous spot on your wishlist. What do you think of The Stubble, The Whisker and the Soul Patch?

Nice Nieces Soft

It’s a wrap! Full of vim and vigor, with lots of marvellous ideas and an impressible lust for spring our adventurous Nice Nieces tinkered around, tested and examined. As a result they now present the fresh colours reedgrass, lavender dust and blue stone and the greyish tones ash and dark shadow. With Ann Awesome and her bigger sister Holly Cute two small crossbody bags join the crazy-but-lovely girls club. Now tell us: Has their experiment been successfull? What do you think of the new colours and styles?

whistling and warbling

All the birds are already here, all the bird, all! With soft forms, harmonic details and wavy leather stripes on canvas these cheerful friends made of cowhide and goat leather whistle, chirp and trill themselves right into your heart. Their plumage is dyed by hand, waxed and polished. The inside of the Lovebirds adorns with an ornamental lining. Light as a feather they sit on your shoulder and pledge you their eternal allegiance. And due to the beginning of autumn they turn up in the colours chipmunk, fudge, dried moss and blue night.

HUnter Dark denim

From time to time miracles happen – especially the blue ones.  Our classics from the Hunter collection desired for something new with tension and variation. This change reveals these cool guys in DARK DENIM.  Jade, Medium Judd, Big Judd, Nick and Big Finn are really looking good in their new suits and fit perfectly to casual looks as well as to stylish office outfits. All functions of these notebook- and business bags stay as ever and you can also find the fitting wallets Tina, Phil and Matt.

good old friends

In accordance with close friendships and inspired by traditional hiking backpacks and hunting bags the design of our Good Old Friends combines pure lines and functionality with a touch of nostalgia. Many tiny details like straps and belts dyed by hand form a noble and at the same time casual look.


Welcome to our Barber Shop! The Chaplin, The ZZ and the Fu Manchu, you meet them all in here! Sincere blokes made of highly vegetal tanned leather or a combination of premium cowhide and sturdy twill fabric, honest and offbeat.

Repair service

In case of a pinching zipper, a weakening stitch or a lost buckle nonetheless, our bags doctor is on the scene. Whenever your favourite has an ouchie, we’ll take a look and help!

Perfect match

Got the perfect bag, but still looking for your favourite wallet? Find it here!

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