New nice nieces

Courage and curiosity is what drives you to stories of success in research as well as in real life. The new Nice Nieces are always following their urge to explore and therefore arrive at a peak form. Confident in the vivid colours inca gold, vineyard, velvet blue, falcon und caviar they celebrate their achievments in this season, too. Still they are taking, weird and without affectations. The wrinkled style remains, because these nieces have no time for ironing.

Let's kiss

A tenderly blown kiss, a chivalrous kiss on the hand, a peck on the nose or a smacking kiss right on the mouth… Grab your loved ones and spread some extra love today! It’s international Kissing Day. Grannie Else leads the way and shows us her favourite Candy Shop styles in lipstick colour - long-lasting, kiss-proof sure as rain and on top of it in

Wrinkles are character

Some things only gets better over time. Such as our premium buffalo leather bags. Here you see a new Hitchhiker next to one of his older brothers. The younger one told us after the shooting that he was very excited to meet one of the “older ones”. It is his biggest dream to become one day as soft and wise as he is . . .

Belt's well, all's well

The fasting period is over. No matter if you have your dream body after so much self-denial or if gluttony on easter has destroyed all your diet efforts – a new belt could be a good choice in both cases. Our fine fellas are there in sundry variance, so that there's bound to be something just for you. Different colours, different buckles, some rivets and pretty cool lasercut pattern flatter every waist. Not for nothing our belts are also called “Trousers Pride”.


Read here everything about our adventurous bags. Come along from time to time to keep up with the news or rummage in the old stories . . .


We cut off the prices for you! From now on you can find a lot of spring/summer handbags with special prices. There are many small and big familiar faces of the aunts&uncles family in colours of the last season. Let's go to SALE

True gentlemen

May we introduce our True Gentlemen - genteel sirs impressing with style and casual elegance in all situations, guiding you gallantry through daily life. Good manners have tradition.

The Workmates

Business with passion! Based upon this slogan the Workmates prove to be reliable colleagues who slog nonchalantly through daily working jungle with you. At least one needs to stay on top of things.

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