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FiT into the new year

Salat and vegetables are very high on the agenda to fulfill your New Year's resolution. Good to see that our Herbgarden bags are having a quite slight figur in the SALE categorie by now. Tuck in!

Grandma's Luxury Club

We have rummaged in museums, flipped through almost forgotten photo albums and fell in love with the taste of grandma’s cakes. That’s how the “Grandmas” came into life, a tribute to good times – preppy, charming and loaded with originality. Due to a manual aftertreatment each bag becomes unique with mat and shiny contrasts, offering a cosy feel-good-interior.

Grandma's hergarden

Who would have thought that our Grandma not only is an eager sugar baker but also has a green thumb! So far she showed us her kitchen, now she invites us to her small, but fine herb garden which reveals real treasures! As always the love is in the details like floral lining and vintage effects. The natural beauties gain their soft and casual forms from their inwardly stitched edges.

Barber Shop News

A globetrotter, a purist and an edgy guy with the sixth sense. The news in our Barber Shop are as unique as multifaceted and perfectly on time for maybe finding a spontaneous spot on your wishlist. What do you think of The Stubble, The Whisker and the Soul Patch?

NIce Nieces Dots

They have always been quite special, our Nice Nieces, but in this season their love to experiment comes straight to the point. Perforations add the final touch to this special edition. Besides the muted grey tones, the Dots in darkshadow, silvercloud and fogg seem to be very expressive. June, Selma, Chloe and co are very excited to see how you score them.

HUnter Dark denim

From time to time miracles happen – especially the blue ones.  Our classics from the Hunter collection desired for something new with tension and variation. This change reveals these cool guys in DARK DENIM.  Jade, Medium Judd, Big Judd, Nick and Big Finn are really looking good in their new suits and fit perfectly to casual looks as well as to stylish office outfits. All functions of these notebook- and business bags stay as ever and you can also find the fitting wallets Tina, Phil and Matt.

whistling and warbling

All the birds are already here, all the bird, all! With soft forms, harmonic details and wavy leather stripes on canvas these cheerful friends made of cowhide and goat leather whistle, chirp and trill themselves right into your heart. Their plumage is dyed by hand, waxed and polished. The inside of the Lovebirds adorns with an ornamental lining. Light as a feather they sit on your shoulder and pledge you their eternal allegiance. And due to the beginning of autumn they turn up in the colours chipmunk, fudge, dried moss and blue night.

Growth in herbgarden

Our new shoulder bag Shallot was chosen to present the new onion look. Almost moved to tears from this honor, she shows proudly which new colours are coming: hawaian sunset, cactus, night blue, creme brulee and espresso are growing from now on in Grandma’s Hergarden and will sure be well known for their healing effect.

Sugar shock in the candy jar

We are blown away by the new colours in our Candy Shop! Rhododendron, balsam blue and nutbrown are definitely eye candy – not only for the sweeties amongst yourselves. The showpiece of the new arrivals is of course black metallic: soft metallic finish looks like a lustrous hint of white gold on the manually polished leather. We say: super sweet and super sexy.

warm and velvet autumn colours

Our Darling Rose from Grandma's Luxury Club proudly presents the new colourings of Fall/Winter Collection 2017/18 : wine, blue nights, moss green, morel, caramel and black smoke.

Wrinkles are character

Some things only gets better over time. Such as our premium buffalo leather bags. Here you see a new Hitchhiker next to one of his older brothers. The younger one told us after the shooting that he was very excited to meet one of the “older ones”. It is his biggest dream to become one day as soft and wise as he is . . .

Belt's well, all's well

The fasting period is over. No matter if you have your dream body after so much self-denial or if gluttony on easter has destroyed all your diet efforts – a new belt could be a good choice in both cases. Our fine fellas are there in sundry variance, so that there's bound to be something just for you. Different colours, different buckles, some rivets and pretty cool lasercut pattern flatter every waist. Not for nothing our belts are also called “Trousers Pride”.

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