True gentlemen

May we introduce our True Gentlemen - genteel sirs impressing with style and casual elegance in all situations, guiding you gallantry through daily life. Good manners have tradition.

The Workmates

Business with passion! Based upon this slogan the Workmates prove to be reliable colleagues who slog nonchalantly through daily working jungle with you. At least one needs to stay on top of things.

Through thick and thin

“United we stand.  Better together. Dreamteam forever” These and other quotes can be read between the log book entries and data transcriptions of the research team “Kira and Chloe Chummy”.  In the laboratory it is very important that you can rely on and support each other. Close friendship is the key to success.

Belt's well, all's well

The fasting period is over. No matter if you have your dream body after so much self-denial or if gluttony on easter has destroyed all your diet efforts – a new belt could be a good choice in both cases. Our fine fellas are there in sundry variance, so that there's bound to be something just for you. Different colours, different buckles, some rivets and pretty cool lasercut pattern flatter every waist. Not for nothing our belts are also called “Trousers Pride”.

Humpty-dumpty Pumpkin

Finally arrived in dribs and drabs: our globose buddy Pumpkin reports with some delay in Grandma’s Herbgarden. Deeply calm and cool as a cucumber he finds his place and is now waiting to be discovered. This bellied shoulderbag ist not dumpy, but cosy, not chubby, but full-figured – so much for that. That well-rounded shape is absolutely advantageous: Pumpkin offers lots and lots of storage space and is not only in the dark season a presentable and reliable companion.

Shop locator

You want to know what the bag feels like, how it smells, how it looks at your body and what it has to tell you? Then use our shopfinder: Find a local shop with aunts&uncles-bags nearby.

Happy Father's DAY

You know what they say? „You make out a father when you glimpse into his wallet and find pictures of his children instead of money.“ Dear kids, in this case your daddy seems to be in need for a new wallet like our Team Player who offers space for photos AND some pocket money. ;-) Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world!

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