True gentlemen

May we introduce our True Gentlemen - genteel sirs impressing with style and casual elegance in all situations, guiding you gallantry through daily life. Good manners have tradition.

The Workmates

Business with passion! Based upon this slogan the Workmates prove to be reliable colleagues who slog nonchalantly through daily working jungle with you. At least one needs to stay on top of things.


Frequently asked questions

We love to help you! Here you get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our bags, the order process and other topics.


„Rote Taschen soll man küssen, denn zum Küssen sind sie da…“ This german song „red lips are there for kissing“, which also works with „red bags are there for kissing“, don’t let us go in quite a spell. Our dearest candy-colour “lipstick” is now available in The Candy Shop. Tempting, sugary, bright and shiny it makes us fancy for summer, icecream and swimming pools! Singing and jumping we are shouting delighted : “Warm-hearted greetings – kiss left, kiss right – you loud and goudy leather love!”


No matter if caviar or cinder, sunflower or faded rose – June Weird is an interesting personality in every colour. As big sister of Ella Fantastic she assumes a certain role model function. According to the motto “a life for science” she leads the Nice Nieces into the right direction. Lightly scattered, but smartest head of the gang, she’s wasting no thoughts to outwardness – even though sometimes, then she stands in front of the mirror, admires the edgy stitching and unconventional details and wonders which one of all new colours would emphasize her qualities the most.

Herbgarden newcomer

Springfever in hotbed! The early vegetables are ready for harvesting. Please welcome with a cheerful furore: Potato, Greenbean punched, Radish & Mushroom! Grannies herb- and vegetablegarden is extra early this season.

sour makes you happy

"When Life gives you a "Lemonjelly", ask for sugar and cream" And do not forget to try all colours. Lemoncurry, desert storm, coffee, croissant und lipstick makes our mouth watering. Come on over to the Candy Shop and order a "bag of mixed" - that will ease your greeds for sweet and sour.

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