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Ellie - Stripes

With her intensive colours Ellie Stripes makes our eyes sparkle. Cash and cards are safely and stylishly stowed in numerous well structured pockets.

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Shipping time: 2-5 Weekdays

89.95   62.95
  • Details

    Overall dimension:
    about 20 x 10 x 2 cm

    • main case with zipper
    • four note pockets
    • two large insert pockets
    • 13 card cases, one of them transparent
    • coin case with zipper
    • multicolored leather stripes
    • floral lining

    • 0.19 kg (empty weight)
    • 0.25 kg (shipping weight)

  • material & care

    For occasional care products for partially grounded leather or nubuck leather are suitable. Waterproofing sprays with UV protection protect the leather from sunlight, wetness and dirt. To maintain the character of the leather care products should only be applied sparingly. Find more tips under service > care!

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