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The Sheriff

No matter how tumultuous the situation may be, The Sheriff stays on top of things and nothing gets lost for sure.

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Shipping time: 2-5 Weekdays



Shipping time: 2-5 Weekdays

  • Details

    Overall dimension:
    about 10 × 12 × 2.5 cm

    • divided note pocket
    • coin pocket with snap fastener
    • ten card cases, two hidden in note pocket
    • five card cases, one transparent
    • matching lining

    0,14 kg (shipping weight)

    Grade of leather:
    at a high percentage vegetal tanned premium cowhide

  • material & care

    The bags of the Barber Shop are made of highly vegetal tanned leather or a combination of premium cowhide and sturdy twill fabric. The finished bag is dyed, washed and waxed by hand. This creates an irregular shrinking.

    For your leather lotions/-grease like Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion and Elephant Leather Preserver are suitable. Stains can be removed with distilled water. Afterwards a care product should be applied. More tips can be found at the bottom of our website under service > care.

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