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Lithe and lissom but oh so spacious. Amber is a real miracle of space!

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  • Details

    Overall dimension:
    about 19 × 10 × 2 cm

    • two divided note pockets
    • thirteen card cases, one transparent
    • coin pocket with zipper
    • striped interior

    • 0,19 kg (shipping weight)

    Grade of leather:
    at a high percentage vegetal tannend sun-dried premium cowhide, polished by hand

  • material & care

    The bags of the Grandma-line are made of highly vegetable tanned cowhide. Thanks to a gentle drying process it develops its characteristic, crumpled look.
    For care leather lotions like Collonil 1909 LeatherLotion or Aniline Cream can be used. Elephant Leather Preserver helps to reduce scratches and brisks up the colour. Fresh stains from jeans can be reduced with Pampers Sensitive wet wipes. In case of stronger stains you can use 25% diluted acetic acid (mixed with water in proportion 1:1). Afterwards a care product should be applied. More tips can be found at the bottom of our website under service > care.

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